Website Terms and Conditions

To begin the process of having your own personalised copy of the Royal Marina Didim website, simply read the Terms and Conditions detailed below and follow the 3 simple steps...

  1. Entering into this agreement means that you have read, fully understood and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. The website is managed and owned by us and leased by you on an annual basis.
  3. The fees are payable annually and you will be sent a courteous email reminder beforehand. Should we not receive prompt payment, we will assume you no longer wish to utilise/lease our website/services and 14 days thereafter your account will be deleted from our servers.
  4. Your website will have your block and property number affixed to the front e.g
  5. Your PROPERTY page, BOOKING CALENDAR AND CONTACT US pages on your website will be personalised to promote your property and contact you using the information you provide us.
  6. The HOME page, the DEVELOPMENT page and the RESORT page images/descriptions will be updated periodically at the administrators discretion.
  7. Our websites have been constructed to show-case your property elegantly and to be viewed with the vast majority of modern devices, we always appreciate constructive feedback but are not obliged to modify our designs to suit your requirements.
  8. Your website as standard has five of the most popular Social Networking Icons included which are automatically set up to allow anyone viewing your website to easily share information and images with their own group of friends. Due to the endless possibilities, we unfortunately do not link to alternate Social Networking Accounts.
  9. All enquiries from your website will go directly to your nominated email address for you to respond to accordingly.
  10. To enable your Booking Calendar to receive automated on-line payments you will need to open a free PayPal account.
  11. We provide free support and endeavour to reply to all communications promptly.
  12. It will be your responsibility to provide us with the Images and Details of your property - any periodic updates that you provide us with will be implemented at no cost.
  13. This agreement/term/service is transferable (example: you may transfer this to the new owner).
  14. The free promotional calling cards and A5 Promotions are only included for all new accounts opened within 14 days of being contacted. (Additional/replacement promotional items can be provided at the net cost plus small fee to cover administration/postage etc).

If you are happy with the Terms and Conditions, please provide your block and apartment number in the boxes below and then click the Pay Now button for the initial payment of £50.

Immediately afterwards, you will be automatically directed to an online New Account Form - please provide as much detailed information as possible.
(Any information that is currently not available to you, can be emailed to us later at a time that is more convenient)

Once we receive your New Account Form, our Team then gets to work with the details you have just provided and starts creating your personalised Website and Free Promotional material.
(Free when applied within 14 days of introductory email).

We aim to send the personalised Promotional Material electronically within 7 days for you to proof read and once you have confirmed the accuracy of the details, the secondary/final payment of £195 will be requested.

Upon receipt of the secondary/final payment, your website will go "Live" within 48 hours and your promotional material will be sent to the Commercial printers.
(usually after only 7 days your promotional material will be delivered to your door)

In under 10 minutes you can now begin to take control of your own Real Estate investment!

Provide your Apartment details and click the Pay Now button below to begin the process.

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