PayPal Account

Directly receive all payments...

To enable your Booking Calendar to take online payments via all major credit cards and PayPal, you need to have your own PayPal PREMIER account.

There are no fees to open a PayPal account and the process can be completed in only 3 steps;

If you do not already have a PayPal Account go to Step 1

If you already have a Personal account go to Step 2

If you already have a Premier or Business account go directly to Step 3

Step 1

Sign up for a new PayPal Account - its Free!

To open a PayPal Account, go to www.paypal.co.uk and click the Sign Up button

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Which Account do I need?

You will be offered a choice of two different account types, please choose the Personal Account type (this is required to get your PREMIER account)

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First stage, provide your Log-in details

You will be asked to provide your email address and password - use a unique password which has both letters and numbers (for security reasons do not use your date of birth). Write down and store your password in a safe place

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Second stage, provide your Personal details

You will be asked to provide your basic contact details (Name, address and telephone) you will also be required to consent to PayPal's standard User Agreement and Privacy Policy).

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Make the most of your PayPal Account

As PayPal can be used on the vast majority of online stores, they ask if you would like them to store your bank details and credit card details to make your shopping experience more convenient - whilst you can do this, we recommend that you do this at a later stage and simply click the "Go to my Account" link

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Your personal account should now be opened and you should proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Log-in to your account

Once you have been logged into your account, ensure the My Account TAB has been selected at the top of the page and immediately below you will be able to see which Account Type you have (Personal or Premier)

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PayPal sometimes opens a PREMIER account immediately, if this is the case then proceed to Step 3 however if you only see the Personal Account Type you will need to "click" the Upgrade link to the right of your account type and follow the process required to open a PREMIER account (once you have confirmed you have a Premier Account proceed to Step 3).

Step 3

Completing your to-do list

Your PayPal PREMIER account needs some basic configuration;

Your email address needs to be verified (to ensure you can receive any related communications)

You will also need to verify your bank details (so you can transfer any monies received into PayPal directly into your preferred Bank Account)

And your Security questions will need to be set-up (in case you forget your password and are unable to gain access to PayPal - these security questions will be asked to verify you are indeed the owner of the account)


Your PayPal account may appear extensive and somewhat daunting to the new account holder, but rest assured it is used by millions of people world wide and has been built over the years to be intuitive and secure - we would recommend you spend some time to view its many features.

Once you have become familiar with your PayPal PREMIER account, please forward the email address that you use to log-in to PayPal (this email address is used to connect our Calendar directly to your PayPal Account, enabling all payments received through the website to go directly to your PayPal Account)

IMPORTANT - Please DO NOT send us your password for your PayPal Account