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Why do I need my own modern Website?

What will I get with my Website?

Can I personalise my online reservations Calendar?

Marketing with Social Media? Is it really worth the effort?

OK - I am convinced, now what?

Why do I need my own modern Website?

A Website works 24 hours a day 365 days a year

If you are at work, so is your website.
Even when you aren’t at work, your website is.
Your existing and potential customers can view and reserve your property through the website at a time and location that suits themselves.

The sooner you own a user friendly and engaging website, the quicker you will achieve a competitive edge over your competitors.

Is it important to have a Responsive Website?

According to the latest studies, more than 61% of adults in the UK have smart phones that are used for internet searching and social media.
And tablet sales are set to outpace PC sales by 2015.
This is translating into a huge increase in mobile data traffic, which rose by 70 per cent last year and is set to grow a further 66 per cent a year for the next five years.

The vast majority of popular websites are built on old (5-10 years) technology and are not responsive - that is, they have not specifically been built to be viewed on a small device such as smartphone or tablet.
If a website is not user friendly and easily viewed - your next potential client may simply look elsewhere.

The Royal Marina Didim website uses cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3 and is designed to be responsive.



Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphical element.

When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience… everything from your logo, your website, your social media interactions and even the way your reply to an email or answer the phone.

In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you.

Competitive Edge

To advertise accommodation for rent, many people rely on other peoples websites and portals (paid and free) for the simple reason - It was easy.

But we have all learnt over the years, the easiest option rarely yields the greatest rewards.

Many websites and portals will have 2 or 3 hundred other properties in the same area as yours! how can you compete with such competition?
As is always the case with so much competition, the price war begins and then everyone begins to cut their prices to ensure they get their share of the business - but the fact is, this is competitive suicide because everyone is in the same boat!

Owning a professionally branded website which fits the vast majority of modern devices with no competitors on the next page will ensure you will naturally achieve the competitive edge.


Picture the seen - your on the factory floor, in an office, in the bingo hall or in the pub, you give the sales pitch of your life and the person you are speaking to is really interested in your property - then what?
- Do you scribble their email address down and promise to send them some photos as soon as possible?
- Do you ask them to go to someone elses website or portal and tell them to search for properties in the Didim area - and they will find your property on the 2nd page - third one down.

Or do you give them a business card from your wallet or purse which has your website address and contact details.


Before the Internet, most people combed through the yellow pages when they needed to call a car mechanic or find a pet groomer or Real Estate Agent.

If you weren’t listed, then you probably weren’t credible.

Simply put; any business that wants to be trusted and taken serious needs more than an email address.

What will I get with my Website?

Home Page

The Homepage on your website will be the same as the default website but the Property image will be replaced with an image of your choosing and we will update the words underneath to better represent your property.

Property Page

This page has been created to fully exploit your Property! we will ask you to send us one image for each room that you have in your property and a brief summary of the property, we will expand on your summary and position all of the images accordingly.

Development Page

This page will be the same as the default Development page and will be updated periodically to ensure the images best represent the Development.

Resort Page

This page will be the same as the default Resort page and will be updated periodically to ensure the images best represent the Resort.

Contact Us

This page/form will be modified so that all of the enquiries received from your website will go directly to your email address - it will be your responsibility to check your email regularly and reply.

Email Address

We will create you an email address and based on the name or names that you provide us (you can have more than 1 email address).
For example if your property number was A20 it could be...


Note: The Contact Form of your website will go to the email address above

Online Booking Calendar

On each of the main pages of your website, we have provided a button which will take your potential client to your own online booking calendar which will automatically take reservations and payment for a booking from Paypal and all major credit/debit cards.
All monies received will go directly into your own Paypal Account (if you do not have a Paypal account simply go to www.paypal.com and open a free personal account).
Note: The Booking Calendar is highly customisable and largely defined by you (daily rental prices, minimum/maximum booking etc can all be defined in the Control Panel which we will provide you access to)

Airport Transfers Form

We have provided a link to an Airport Transfers Booking Form which goes directly to Oracle Travel which is a company that has been established since 1987 - this provides convenience for your potential client who has/intends to book your accommodation but it also provides credibility to your website, working with such an established company.
(if you would prefer an alternate provider, simply provide us with their email address and we will modify your website accordingly)


To ensure you are able to provide a consistent professional Brand - we will provide the dark seductive image of Altinkums illuminated promenade which is located on all of the web pages and the gold Crest so you may insert these into your emails and social media pages.

Can I personalise my online reservations Calendar?

You have complete Control

You will be provided access to the Calendar Control Panel where you can check reservations, availability and define daily rates.

How do I check Availability?

Login to your Calendar Control Panel and click the Availability button on the left, the page will re-load and you will be able to scroll through the months to check availability.

How do I change the daily rate for renting my property?

Login to your Calendar Control Panel and click the Prices button on the left, the page will re-load and you will be able set the daily rates.
You may also add Seasons for example; Off-Peak, Standard and Peak.

Off-Peak – From 1st October to March 31st with daily rates set to £15

Standard – From 1st April to 30th June with daily rates set to £25

Peak – From 1st July to 30th September with daily rates to £40

Or you can add 12 Seasons/Months and have different rates for each month - the Calendar can be customised to suit whatever your requirements.

Adding a manual Reservation?

There are 2 main reasons for adding a manual reservations.
1 – You or your family intend to go on holiday and use your apartment at no cost.
2 – Your colleague at work has agreed that he/she/they would like to use your property and have arranged with you the dates and alternate off-line payment.
(Updating such reservations will ensure the automated online Booking Calendart does not double-book any dates).

Send an Invoice

Any reservations taken online will automatically take payment and send proof of payment to both the client and you, the website owner.

The only reason you would want to manually send an invoice to someone is when you have personally booked a reservation and want to send them an invoice/reminder for the payment.

Marketing with Social Media? Is it really worth the effort?

Whats the Point?

Social Media Marketing may seem foreign and at times overwhelming. There are so many aspects and strategies to consider, but a regular investment of your time joining groups, sharing links and updating photos and content can radically change your chance of financial success.
For many business people, social networking provides an opportunity to increase sales or bring awareness to their brand by way of interacting with friends, family, colleagues or groups of individuals (Note; all or most of the aforementioned people also have other friends and groups of people that you are not aware of – but they may be tempted to share with them your latest post! and a link to your website).

Always remember… Content is King

Content can be in the form of a photo, description or a single paragraph of text but remember, quality is always better than quantity and the whole concept is to get the attention/interest of someone else.
A single comment to a group of friends on Facebook could be something like…

We have just got back from Turkey and we now need a holiday – we spent several days repainting the bedrooms and renewed the lounge suite, which cost us a small fortune!
At least next year when we arrive it will be a lot nicer, or if we have any guests wanting to rent the property – we will have peace of mind they will be happy with our accommodation.

An image of the new suite and/or a link to your website can provide surprisingly positive results.

We recommend you do a little research on social media (Use Google or Bing search engines) and make a few notes/plan. Again initially this may feel alien to you, but creating a very simple 1 or 2 page plan/strategy is essential and is probably one of the most cost effective and productive actions you can implement if you want to achieve financial success.

But who uses Social Media?

  • One person in every 4 people on planet earth uses social media
  • 72% of ALL internet users now use social media
  • 18-29 year olds have an 89% usage on social media
  • 30-49 year olds have a 72% usage on social media
  • 50 to 60 year olds have a 60% usage on social media
  • In the 65 plus bracket, 43% are using social media
  • 71% of users regularly access social media from a mobile device

Generalising, many people thought social media was only being used by the younger generation – this is simply not the case.


Facebook is still the biggest kid on the block and here are some of the latest figures...

  • There are now over 1.15 billion Facebook users
  • One million web pages are accessed using the “Login with Facebook” feature
  • 23 percent of Facebook users login at least 5 times per day
  • 47% of Americans say Facebook is their number 1 influencer of purchases
  • 70% of marketers used Facebook to gain new customers


Twitter is now a public company and a serious heavyweight social networking contender...

  • There are now over 550 million registered users
  • 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads
  • Twitter was the fastest growing network with a 44% growth from 2012-2013
  • 215 million monthly active users

Google Plus

Another rapidly growing giant that has yet to reach full momentum...

  • There are now over 1 billion with Google+ enabled accounts
  • It has reached 359 million monthly active users
  • Google+ is growing at 33% per annum.
  • The 45 to 54 year old bracket increased its usage on Google+ by 56% since 2012


Graphically orientated social media machine...

  • There are now over 70 million registered users
  • 83% of active users would rather follow a brand rather than a celebrity.
  • Pinterest has 43% share of total global ecommerce
  • 20 million active monthly users


Social networking for the professionally minded...

  • There are now nearly 300 million registered users
  • 2 new users join linkedin every second
  • 35% of Linkedin users access the site daily
  • More than 16 million people in the UK have a Linkedin account.

OK - I am convinced, now what?

Small Print

We do not do small print - the cost for the whole package is £245 annually

Summary of Inclusions;
  • We provide and manage a personalised copy of Royal Marina Didim website.
  • The website will have a Home, Property, Development, Resort and Contact Us page
  • Your own live online Booking Calendar with Control Panel and integrated Paypal Payment
  • An Airport Transfers Booking Form which goes directly to Oracle Travel or the provider of your choice
  • The web address will portray your property number i.e. www.A20.royalmarinadidim.com
  • Your email address will portray your property number i.e. admin@A20.royalmarinadidim.com
    (You may have several email addresses)
  • All enquiries go directly to your email address
  • All reservation/booking payments go directly to your own PayPal account
  • You will receive our continued support for any queries you may have

We believe we have created a rock-solid foundation and opportunity for you to begin promoting and marketing your property.

Simply click the link in How to Proceed below and in under 10 minutes you can begin to take control of your own real estate investment!

Free Introductory Gift!

To assist you to brand your product, our Graphic Design Team have cleverly implemented the same Royal Marina Logo and background from the website into the design of a business card, continuing the polished professional image/brand.
(FREE 100 x Personalised Business Cards)

The same Graphic Team have also been tasked to design and create an A5 promotion which continues the Royal Marina branding whilst injecting a suggestive 'holiday' feel...
(FREE 100 x Personalised A5 Flyers)

These Introductory Gifts will be delivered anywhere within mainland UK free of charge for all new accounts opened within 14 days of the introductory email sent.

How to proceed

Simply click HERE to proceed.